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Schwartz was extremely unimpressed by the man who would be Seth Cohen when he first came into audition. " But he came back, learned the words, and he was great."Though he became arguably the show's breakout character, the early draft of Seth was so disliked by Fox that they quite literally wanted to abort him.

And then we went down the wrong road with this kid playing Johnny, it was just flat.

All of a sudden, everything the show mocked, it kind of became."Tate "Jimmy Cooper" Donovan got very, very real about the toxic atmosphere on set in an interview with If Marissa's lesbian dalliance with Olivia Wilde's Alex seemed more like a cynical ratings ploy than a fully formed storyline, that's likely because of the way the episodes were marketed and edited.

It is what it is, but I'm not looking to get sucked back into the limelight of it."It's not often that a major twist gets ruined for you by the star of the show in question. "I think the show is moving in a new direction—this was a great opportunity for everyone.

The ending of season three's finale, in which Marissa dies suddenly and brutally in Ryan's arms, was successfully kept under wraps despite all the rumors that were flying about an impending death…until Barton herself went on and confirmed that the rumors were true. My character has been through so, so much and there's really nothing more left for her to do.

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