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The main thing here is that he held the key that unlocked my sexuality. We were in a park, it was about midnight and we’d been talking all night. What astonishes me is that physically, Boy A is almost the opposite of the kind of look I went for.There’d just been a light shower, and we had sat, silent, hip to hip, listening to patter of rain on our shared umbrella, while around us the park lights went off. We had the works: butterflies in our stomachs, blood pounding in our ears, breath quickening just thinking about each other, just brushing against him made me shiver. Think grungy, long-haired, rock star wannabes or skate punks. He had a short, nondescript hair cut, and his look was anodyne casual.He even had belly fur which to my surprise, I found I quite liked. It took a while for us to actually get to the bedroom.Turns out, we both just really enjoyed kissing, the first exploration took at least an hour. For some reason, we weren’t in a hurry to get to the main event.The reader is granted a peek into the brain of a dating male who's profoundly honest and completely willing to share what he thinks and feels.

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He seemed to take such delight in my body, and to really enjoy taking his time.We’d been teasing each other for weeks, talking about sexual things, playing word games, tantalising with the most casual of touches. I had always gone for the alternative, the rebel, the artsy, creative types. Basically, what every 20-something tech looked like up and down the country. Where the latter would stand out in any crowd, Boy A would fade into it. I also had an aversion to beards and profuse body hair.Boy A had the whole trendy facial thing going and he was so hirsute he was almost furry. But while you can sometimes add your profile, upload your photos, search a site for potential matches and receive messages from possible suitors without paying a penny, you can't usually reply to a message until you've coughed up for a subscription. - it's easy to think online dating is free when websites use marketing blurb such as this.

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