Audrey bitoni chat

On the other hand, there might have been 20 girls filmed before her that they wish to get online before Audrey.Hell, it could be released at a date after (if) Audrey decides to go G/G or quit the industry all together.

After gracing her first adult magazine cover, Audrey decided to enter the porn industry full-throttle in 2006.Her career took off without a hitch, and in 2008 she graced yet another magazine cover: this time, it was , and she was even featured as their Pet of the Month.Since her rise to fame, the starlet has filmed over 300 movies and gone on to win multiple awards in the adult business.That's not even a month yet, so I don't know where you're getting this "longest to post any material" from.night Templar wrote: Let's hope she doesn't quit, because she could make a killing. I love her exotic look, face and facial expressions.I must say out of new additions on LA she has been the longest to post any material, so maybe there is some internal issues *shrug* Saw the American Daydreams scene a few short minutes ago. I don't mind implants but I'm not overly impressed with her boob job. It was great, she looks a bit heavier than her lamodels photos.

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