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However, speaking publicly about vice is also a punishable offense.Both offenses are subject to lashing and/or jail time at the discretion of the court.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.In November 2016, researchers at Haifa University published a startling finding: Arab boys in Israel were much more likely to be sexually abused than either their female counterparts, or Jewish boys and girls.“The program presents anomalies and deviancy in society that are unacceptable and immoral and should be punished according to Shariah.” “Red Lines” is known for addressing controversial subjects. Malik Maktabi, the presenter of “Red Line” told Arab News that he could not comment specifically about the case, but he underscored that his program does not aim to tarnish Saudi Arabia.One episode addressed the subject of homosexuality. “I host people from around the Arab world, not only Saudi Arabia.

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Avidar said that there is a dearth of literature, academic or otherwise, on sexual abuse against male Arabs. Having studied the Arabic language for his undergraduate degree, and psychology in his later studies, Avidar said that starting the hotline was a way to “combine my two interests.” The hotline for Arab men, which gives services in Arabic as well as Hebrew, is currently only open on Tuesday nights from 8 p.m. The reason for such limited hours, said Avidar, is because, despite intensive searches for male Arabic-speaking volunteers to work the phones for the hotline — including advertising at every academic institution in the Tel Aviv region — only one man stepped forward to help.

JEDDAH: Lewd remarks about sex by a Saudi man in Jeddah that broadcast last week on LBC’s “Red Line” has led to his arrest, Arab News learned on Wednesday.

Mazen Abdul Jawad appeared on the program last week in a red button-down shirt and open collar bragging in graphic detail about his sexual conquests.

In the segment, Abdul Jawad talks about having slept with a neighbor when he was only 14 and how this got him interested in sex.

After discussing sex and foreplay in graphic detail and providing a recipe for an aphrodisiac, Abdul Jawad is seen getting into his vehicle at night on a Jeddah street.

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