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2.) Hookup culture would end, and courtship would make a comeback.Uncommitted, casual sex is an unmitigated disaster.The progressive activist is outspoken on Twitter about her political beliefs.Earlier this year, Milano called for a “sex strike” after states passed laws limiting abortion to the detection of a fetal heartbeat.But before there was a broken family, there was a broken marriage or a marriage that never formed in the first place.While there's more than one reason why marriage is dying, at its center is that women removed men's incentive to marry.A sex strike on the part of women (for it is they who call the shots on sex) would indeed allow couples to build actual relationships that potentially lead to marriage and family formation.

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Suzanne Venker (@Suzanne Venker) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog.Ergo, a sex strike on the part of women is precisely what society needs.This would unquestionably bring marriage back into the fold, which would in turn bring fathers back into their children's lives, which would in turn result in fewer social ills.In my day, drinking was no less popular, but casual sex was the exception to the rule.It's the overt and tacit approval of casual sex that created the so-called rape culture. 4.) More children would grow up with their fathers; thus, there would be less crime, less depression, less violence.

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