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The matchmakers introduce their friends to each other and the four people make polite small talk first.

Then the matchmakers leave and let their friends continue to chat, hoping that they are the right match.

또 대구YWCA가 2시간 동안 대화방을 개설한 결과 48명의 남성 이용자가 접근, 역할 대행을 의뢰했다.

이 중 성매매 요구가 25건(52%)으로 가장 많았고 홍보 및 대화가 19건(40%), 건전 대행 요구가 4건(8%) 등이었다.

Amongst the chat rooms and message boards of the 23 sites that did allow teenagers to register, you come across personal ads of teenagers, and men seeking them, with titles such as “Let’s meet in Gangnam now,” “2 for 1,” “Seeking a sugar-daddy,” “Someone to have one drink with,” “I have 500,000 won, what am I going to do all night?

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It actually refers to internet speed dating which is a spontaneous date arranged by two persons via the internet or phone application.Some of the methods are quite interesting and unique to the Korean culture.Korean culture has a strong tradition of matchmaking – in the traditional Korean society, due to the Confucian culture, males and females were not allowed to mingle freely with each other, so marriages were arranged by matchmakers appointed by the parents.If the friends are happy with each other, they may proceed to a restaurant or a cinema to start dating.Bungaeting (번개팅) As South Korea is a highly wired country, Koreans also use the internet to find Mr or Miss Right.

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