Adult chat on skype in australia

So how much longer can I use the version of Skype I have, ie. I deleted my Skype account today, it’s become utterly useless. I am unable to access all settings in one sub menu. I cannot see contact list and conversation thread at the same time.I ‘used’ to use it to stay in touch with my wife, 2,000 miles away, messages and video calls, but now I can’t even get into it as from today, change passwords, sign in with this and that…off, it used to sign me in automatically…and as for that crappy new interface… They have an excuse to completely screw everyone over. I AM UNABLE TO DO SPLIT SCREEN MESSAGING WITH AND OR OF MULTIPLE PARTIES CONTACTS AT THE SAME TIME. Seriously how do you call taking away multiple major functions an upgrade?If you’ve updated your ‘consumer’ Skype app recently, then you’ve probably got an opinion on the latest refresh, and if the latest reviews are anything to go by – it won’t be a positive one.Today’s users are complaining that the latest redesign is not only an aesthetic nightmare, it’s also less productive than the solutions that came before it.Additionally, the app no longer works with a Bluetooth headset, you can’t send video outside of Skype, and you can’t take a picture with your hardware buttons.

Since the day it got installed, it freezes my laptop laptop randomly, mutes my microphones with out asking me. If I ever stumble on a prospect candidate software engineer who had anything to do with this project I most likely be inclined NOT to give a hiring recommendation! I loaded the new Skype, it’s a piece of crap, functionality is rubbish and what the hell are all these bots?

It’s easy to see where Microsoft was coming from with the re-design.

As collaboration and communication apps become more common, it’s logical that Microsoft would want to upgrade their appearance to something a little more “hip”.

In other words, everyday consumers might just be stuck with this unwanted update.

Of course, the Skype team think that the latest update is everything it should be and more, stating that they consider the app to be the greatest version they’ve ever built, designed to make communication simpler for everyone.

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