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Morgan Guynes (younger half brother from mother’s relationship with Dan Guynes) Date of Birth: July 26, 1967 Zodiac Sign: Leo Morgan also works in the film business but as a special effects technician.He once served in the Marine Corps and was even stationed in Kuwait during operation Desert Shield/Storm. (younger half brother from father’s remarriage) Date of Birth: August 30, 1974 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Between 20, James was on a number of tabloids as the troubled half-brother convicted for aggravated assault after beating his fiancée with a telephone.Date of Birth: November 11, 1962 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Her determination grew more and more despite the hardships she was facing and nothing was going to stop her from succeeding in the world of entertainment.Moore took on several odd jobs until she finally made her film debut and things pretty much took on from there with her rising to the top of the pack, cementing her spot among the finest in the Hollywood business.

Definitely some were born with huge silver spoons and life handed fame and wealth to them on a platter of gold but some others had to work their way painfully to the top; one of such is (1985) star, Demi Moore.

We later heard that he quit the music business and remarried.

Bruce Willis (ex-spouse) Duration of Marriage: November 21, 1987 – 2000 (13 years) Date of Birth: March 19, 1955 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Willis is a star actor that is known particularly for his epic performances in action films. They were married in no time and became parents to three lovely girls.

She was so driven at the time and Charlotte remembers falling in love with her sister.

They never really got to be close anyways as both half-sisters hardly kept in touch.

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