Accommodating autism

Physical educators are using different strategies to accommodate students with ASD in their regular classes.

Accommodating ASD students in GPE increases physical ctivity.

As future physical educator, if there are any students with ASD or other disorders in my school, I will want them in my GPE class.

Autism Awareness Centre’s mission is to ensure our extensive autism resource selection features the newest titles available in North America.

We are aware of the sensory issues that people with autism have, but only recently have we realized the need to design spaces to accommodate those needs.

Lights, textures, sounds, and colours can all affect a person’s well-being.

Now we are thinking along the lines of inclusive design to address a wider range of needs and experiences.

Magda Mostafa, a Canadian who teaches architecture at the American University in Cairo, created the ASPECTSS Design Index to gather some of the most widely applicable ideas of what she calls “sensory design.” The ideas in the Design Index include “controlling acoustics; using natural light, but carefully modulating it; arranging spaces to facilitate smooth transitions; providing “escape spaces,” which provide private places to retreat; and grouping spaces so that quiet activities are separated from louder and more active ones.” Some great examples of architects following these principals come from Hede Architects of Melbourne, Australia, who have built two schools specifically to serve students with autism. Inclusive design is also spilling over into the workplace.

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