60 online dating secrets revealed pdf

And throughout the video, he dives into the many different areas of texting women with a high demand tone and vibe.Chapter 4 – Nick Sparks: With this video, Christian welcomes his friend and head dating coach at TSM, Nick Sparks to the program.Chapter 7 – Getting Her Number: With this video, Christian discusses the basic mindset you should have when trying to get a woman’s number.He explains how most guys have the completely wrong mentality when going for a girl’s number, where they get overly excited when landing her digits, whereas Christian believes that getting her number is merely just a minor escalation in the grand scheme of the overall interaction.He goes on to explain numerous tips for getting a woman’s number that he’s learnt from past experiences, and these tips are designed to get you much more success in this specific area.

Included in this video are a few examples where Christian gives you a better idea of the kind of texts he’d sent women in the past that did an excellent job of getting them to perceive him as a man of high demand.Chapter 5 – Rob Judge: With this video, Christian welcomes another friend of his and expert dating coach Rob Judge to the program. For example, when the girl you’re texting doesn’t want to go out with you, or isn’t giving you the kind of investment that you’re hoping for.He starts out by explaining his theory on texting, followed by a few of his own personal texting examples on “troubleshooting” which you can use directly, or modify to better suit your own unique personality, and finishes by sharing his turn-key method for getting more dates with women through texting (also known as “The Key Lock Sequence” in Rob’s very in-depth texting product called Magnetic Messaging).Throughout the video, Nick shares a different take on texting women, and encourages you to only use his tips and techniques which are more suited to your unique personality, and leave out all the rest.He spends the entire video discussing his exact method for texting women, which has proven to be very effective for him time and time again.

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